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Benita is a young Montrealer from Haiti. For a long time, she always wondered about her origins before her close ancestors were forcibly deported from Africa to Haiti. Today Benita has children and wants to give them answers that she could not have. She therefore decides to go to Africa, in search of her origins. His journey begins with the Museum of Black Civilizations in Dakar, Senegal, which houses the Museum of Black Civilizations. She wants to know what were the lifestyles that were lived on the continent before slavery.   To reconstruct the story, she meets resource people who have done research and written reference books on pre-slavery Africa. In their company, she travels through time and space in order to find spiritual, architectural and historical testimonies of what remains of the country's golden age.


Genre : Documentaire          Format : 90 minutes          Lieu de tournage : Montréal & Senegal

Cast & Crew

Benita Jacques

Director | Scriptwriter


Very young, Bénita Jacques realized that the theater had chosen her.   She chooses the stage as a way of life; a place of fun, self-expression and art. The actress is active in cinematographic or theatrical productions. Versatile, she wears the hat of screenwriter, director and producer.  She obtained a DEC in Arts & Letters at Marie-Victorin College and a BAC in Dramatic Art at UQAM, in order to share, to teach her passion to those who have the intuition . Multidisciplinary Artist, Benita Jacques is also a businesswoman.   It owns the companies; The Impact of the Arts: an arts production house, Zen Queen Media Production, JBSolutions Immobilières & Benita Jetro Foundation.



Zen Queen Media Production, Inc.


Executive production:

Benita Jacques & Jetro Paul


Editing & Special effects:

Samuel VincentFilms


Narrative voice recording:

Jean Richard Nh Productions & SVFILMS Production



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